How is the electric charged?

All homes are individually metered and read quarterly or monthly by us and the bill is issued by Drayton Park following the strict OFGEM resale of electricity regulations.

How is the water charged?

Most of the properties have individual water meters which are read on a quarterly bases however if the home has not got a water meter fitted it is charged a percentage of the parks usage.

How much is the council Tax?

The Council Tax is Band A for Park Homes Please check the Vale of White Horse District Council for Eastway and South Oxfordshire District Council for Three Poplars Park and Littleworth Park for the appropriate rates.

Are Pets allowed?

Pets are allowed with the owner's permission on all parks however we do not allow dogs (except a Registered Assistance dog).

Park Rules

Park Rules are put in place for all residents to adhere to. Before purchasing a home, you should review the Rules along side the Written Statement to ensure the mobile Home Park meets your needs. Any breaches in the Rules could lead to proceedings to terminate the Written Statement.

What's a "Written Statement"?

A "Written Statement" is the park home owner's contract with the park owner which details the right to occupy a pitch on the park. The statement should be accompanied by the park rules. When you are buying a home from the park owner, the written statement must be issued by the owner 28 days before you commit to the purchase, although you can agree to a shorter period if you are satisfied with the contents and want to proceed more quickly. If you are not buying your home from the park but from the present home owner, it is equally important that you understand and are happy with the contract before you go ahead. In either case, don't hesitate to seek professional help (for instance, from a solicitor or the Citizens' Advice Bureau) if you have queries or require guidance. There is a legal framework for the form and some content of the Written Statement and this provides the basis for the model documentation offered by the British Holiday & Home Parks Association. If you would like a copy of the Written Statement please ask us for one.

What is the Security of Tenure?

All residents whether purchasing a new Park Home or a previously owned home will sign a copy of the 1983 Mobile Home Agreement on completion of sale however a copy will be available to view prior to the sale so independent advice can be sort along with a copy of the Park rules.

Mobile Home Act 2013

A number of changes have been implimented, residents and prospective purchasers should seek guidance from Department for Communities and Local Goverment. A helpful web site has been set up to help both Residents and Park Owners.

 What are the Rent Increases?

The ground rent is reviewed annually in the month of November. Increases or decreases in the ground rent is based on the most current RPI.

Selling or gifting your home?

Under the new mobile home Act 2013, there is a new process.  Home owners should refer to the Government web site, take legal advise.